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The next Street Photography courses are running on Saturday 17th January 2015 with a few places left, and another on 28th February 2015 (would make a great Christmas present).

I’ve created a voucher that can be given as a gift. If you buy one for a friend or loved one I’ll send you one of these:


I’ve been taking pictures on the streets of Brighton for years. People are my thing, whether candid or street portraits, although sometimes just colours, lines or strong compositions are enough to catch my eye. I have a reputation for coming back with something a bit different whatever the event and I’ll be talking about that.

I take inspiration from many photographers, some contemporary street photographers like Matt Stewart and David Gibson, some photographers who just take simply stunning black and white images like Alain Laboile. I also have my old favourites like Elliott Erwitt, Sergio Larraín and Bruce Gilden. The list is too long to mention here, I’ll leave that for another post.

le rencontres des arles

The day will begin at Silicon Beach Training just minutes from Brighton railway station, where we’ll look at some images, and discuss what makes them great. I’ll talk about the kinds of things to look for. Great images are everywhere. We’ll start thinking about the relationships between people. things and the environment around them. Tricks for creating dynamic compositions and interesting viewpoints. I’ll keep it brief and to the point, I want to inspire you but having been in the training business for 15 years, and been on so many workshops I’ve lost count, I know that the best way to learn is by doing, so not too long, we have all day to chat, I want you to feel energised and to have fun.

We’ll have lunch together in Brighton, it’ll be somewhere nice but simple (you will need to pay for your own lunch but I’ll book the tables and see if I can negotiate a good rate).

If you need advice of where to stay we know all the best places.


More shooting after lunch and then back to Silicon Beach Training to review your work. We have enough computers here for everyone with Photoshop and Lightroom, although I almost exclusively use Lightroom for my images now. If you have a laptop and wish to download your images on that ready to take home that’s OK too. I will show you all some of my killer black and white conversion techniques to get really punchy images, as well as some colour tricks I’ve picked up. The rooms are secure so you can leave any kit you don’t want to carry around with you.


I only  take on a maximum of 8 people, because I want time to talk to you all during the day, so if you are really interested get back to me quickly.

So fill out the contact form if you would like to book and I’ll send you more details, the day is £126.

Next Street Photography Courses:

17th January 2015 – FEW PLACES LEFT

28th February 2015 – NEW DATE

The workshop is suitable for all abilities and ages. I won’t cover how to use the settings on your camera in the morning brief because many of you will already know. However I will be available to answer any question all day. Any camera will do, I get some of my best shots on my compact. I still go on workshops for fun and I’ve been taking images for decades!

Here’s a quote from one of my September clients:

“The course was extremely well prepared, Heather is very knowledgeable, the theory was outlined in the class supported by actual photos, and then demonstrated in the field.

We all were given individual attention by Heather,and the day was finished by analysis of our photos and retouching them. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in or wanting to improve their street photography skills. Thank you Heather for such a wonderful day, and for passing on your knowledge and tricks. The course was really good and I enjoyed it tremendously.”

- Anthony Campbell

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  1. Mohammed, I have recently had a cancellation so do have one place left for Saturday, but you would need to be quick. The next one is on 17th Jan. I have sent you an email


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I know Iv’e been tweeting, facebooking and google plussing like a trojan about my recent win. My apologies but I do have another reason other than being chuffed to bits.

Entering competitions, and winning them is great for your profile as a photographer.  It gets your images seen by new people, not just your followers and friends. It gives you something to talk about on your blog and social networks. It gets you talked about, shared and mentioned. It gives buyers the confidence that you are good at what you do.

So yes, I’m going to mention it again, sorry, but it’s relevant:)


RHS Photographer of the year

rhs photographer of the year foxgloves bee

Foxgloves and Bee RHS Photographer of the year winner

You can buy prints here and cards here, and visit the RHS here.

One month when searching for photography competitions that were ending soon this one came up.

Now and again I search for “Photography Competition (put month) 2014″ to find current competitions. At first I didn’t think I had anything good enough or appropriate for the theme. It’s important to choose something that really fits the theme, don’t try and squeeze an ambiguous square peg into  a round hole. Then I remembered the foxgloves image. It ticked all the boxes to be a contender, it was a good quality image and it would stand out, few garden images are taken this way, most being macro and few use flash.

It was important to make a reasonably objective decision as to wether your image a chance when there is an entry fee. I only pay to enter after careful consideration otherwise it could become an expensive hobby rather than a means to get exposure, kit or cash.

How can you tell which are the best images to enter?

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  1. Hello Andy,

    Absolutely, avoid competitions that ask for ownership of the image as an entry requirement. Many will ask for rights for use in publicity, it’s up to you if you wish to participate, just make sure you know what the deal is before you make it.


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