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Andy and Filby - Newhaven Beach

I was asked if I would like to have my images published in “What Digital Camera” magazine. I told them I have a 1DS, and two micro four thirds camera the Panasonic  GF1 and GH2. They responded by saying that the micro four thirds models were probably of more interest to their readers. Oh dear I thought, I only use my micro […]

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tatooed man in shiney american airstream

With the new trend for High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, it is becoming quite popular to bracket your exposures. In my experience though not everything looks great with exposure spread evenly throughout the image making it look highly unnatural and often quite fussy. Unnatural I can cope with but I sometimes long for some moody […]

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skateboarding brighton

Some people claim that Photoshop is destroying the art of photography. There is so much information out there on improving your shots with Photoshop that we do seem to be encouraged not to worry about learning good camera techniques but simply learn how to ‘fix it’ in Photoshop. In a way Photoshop allows you to […]

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